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             I live by the philosophy that:

              You're never too old to feel good!TM


My career is dedicated to serving the medical, social, and life skills needs of older adults.  My childhood experiences growing up in a multigenerational household inspired me to become a Geriatrician.  I observed my grandmother's struggles throughout her 80's and early 90's.  I found that her children were loving and willing to help, but lacked the medical, emotional, and educational resources that could have made the journey a lot easier.  In the medical arena of hospitals and clinics, I discovered that many health care providers failed to recognize and maximize the physical, intellectual, and functional potential of older patients. Likewise, many older adults sold themselves short and failed to embrace the positive aspects of aging.  Thus, I became a medical doctor and advocate for vibrant, healthy, and positive aging and for quality health care for all ages.

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